Yashendra Shukla: “The fastest, leanest, and the most feature rich app on iOS, and now on Android”

I fly a lot. I started using the app when I was ~15. I think I started around when you launched, when you were heavily featured on iMore, but I might be misremembering. I don’t really remember what it was for, but back in the day Bayram used to handle CS, so I probably have his personal email around somewhere. I’m still grandfathered into the $10 annual plan LOL. I used AITA because I prefer native app experiences. I like Tripit, and Kayak, but AITA was always the fastest, leanest, and the most feature rich app on iOS, and now Android.

While AITA was used every time I travelled, I still shuttled between apps. AITA was cemented in my “kit” when I travelled abroad for the first time in Oct 2016. It was beautiful. The app helped me a lot, especially because I was completely alone. It sent me delay alerts faster than even the information boards! After that I deleted everything else, and switched to AITA. Which worked out well because I was gonna start flying. A lot.

Since about 18 months I’ve been flying regularly. I work as a livestream consultant, so I travel between BOM (where I work) and DEL (where my parents live), shuttling between the two cities for my clients. My clientele is doubled, and I get to meet my parents every 2–3 weeks, so its a win-win. In the last 365 days I’ve flown on 40+ flights.

I use the app as a guide on how I plan my airport “visits”. I’ve got priority on both the full fare airlines in India (UK*, and 9W), but I mainly fly UK*. AITA gets me auto-checked in (especially since you started parsing UK* flights correctly. Thanks for that!). I mostly ignore the mobile app. Earlier I used to enroll for SMS updates, but now I mainly use the Apple Watch Complication so I know how much time I have before I have to leave the lounge, and how long before my flight lands (especially useful so I know if I can start a new podcast). While gate information doesn’t work in India, as I said earlier, it was a lifesaver abroad.

Yashendra Shukla


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