World Sleep Day: Apps (to Help You Sleep) in the Air

In honor of World Sleep Day on March 18, App in the Air wants to ensure that every traveler achieves a better night’s rest as they fly off to new places

Brimming with new beginnings, March signals the onset of spring, a season encapsulated by mirth and reinvigoration. An important component to well-being is sleep, which many of us fail to receive enough of each night. On top of that, getting an adequate amount of sleep while traveling can be extremely tough. While a plane is not always the most suitable environment to drift off in, there are a plethora of sleep apps that have been developed in an effort to combat jet lag and support a traveler’s capacity to feel mentally and physically restored.

In honor of World Sleep Day on March 18, App in the Air wants to ensure that every traveler achieves a better night’s rest as they fly off to new places. Beat the fatigue of travel and read on for a roundup of apps that promote better sleep and relaxation in the sky.

Sleep Apps

Designed to power down your mind, Apple users can try Slumber, a sleep app that helps transition one’s body from day to night. Utilizing science-based techniques to facilitate rest, Slumber’s audio library has something for everyone. Whether it’s stories, meditations, mindfulness, breath control, progressive muscle relaxation, soundscapes or music, Slumber quiets the mind and guides you gently off to sleep. For $59.99 USD a year, flight passengers can access Slumber without Wi-Fi connection so long as the desired episode is downloaded prior to departure.

Passionate about mental fitness, relaxation and sleep, the Calm app is available for Apple and Android users for $12.99 a month or $59.99 a year. Calm is dedicated to helping listeners achieve better mindfulness and sleep with its bountiful lineup of sleep stories and guided meditations. Calm even partners with American Airlines so travelers can access a free in-flight channel that features the majority of Calm’s content with additional audio sessions geared towards soothing common air travel stressors. The channel is offered on most American routes.

Described as, “your mind’s best friend,” Headspace is another useful app created to improve health and wellbeing. Through science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools, travelers can establish habits that will relax their mind in minutes, improve focus and settle into sleep. Headspace costs $12.99 per month or $69.99 annually for at-home users. The app also partners with 12 different airlines to reach over 800 million passengers annually through an in-flight channel consisting of audio exercises that aid in the ability to find tranquility in the sky.

Doze off and dream big as your next adventure awaits. Sleep well and happy travels!

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