Why App in the Air is the Unconventional Way to Meet Your Travel Companion

App in the Air is filling Cupid’s shoes this Valentine’s Day. You’ve all heard of our ‘nearby’ feature where users can connect with other users in the same vicinity. Many of you have used it to kill layover time with fellow AV-geeks, and we love hearing stories on how friendships were made. If “500,000+ miles traveled” is on your S.O. wish list, consider App in the Air your new matchmaker.

Soulmates can bond over a shared love of cooking, music, and of course, travel. What better way to find your travel companion than through a dedicated pool of frequent flyers. If you’ve never used the ‘nearby’ function, it alerts travelers of fellow app users on their same flight, departure airport or arrival airport — prompting users with friendly conversation starters (“let’s grab a coffee/beer?”) and presenting nearby jetsetters’ occupation, country of residence, miles and hours traveled, and which percentile they are in of the app’s top traveler leaderboard.

In 2019, more than 30,000 people used the ‘nearby’ functionality to meet an aviation lover, and more than 15,000 users tried their hand at it in 2020, despite the drop in airport traffic.

At the end of the day, App in the Air is a travel assistant first and foremost, but as Hinge and Tinder users grow tired of traditional dating apps, we’re always happy to step in as an unconventional way to meet your match, or your new travel buddy.

Have you met a special someone through our ‘nearby’ feature? Have you forged friendships with fellow AV-geeks and leaderboard champs? DM us on Instagram and share your story, we’d love to hear from you.

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