Which Airlines are Offering Flexible Fares?

Which Airlines are Offering Flexible Fares?

Arguably the most confusing aspect of this year’s travel landscape is cancellations. Which airlines are offering flexible fares? Which companies are adjusting cancellation policies to fit the circumstances of the year? Of course, App in the Air users can find the best possible prices and policies through our booking functions, but in case you missed it — here are the airlines offering flexible fares right now.

Highly Flexible: No Change Fees for Trips Booked Before December 31, 2020

  • Alaska Airlines is offering free cancellations to guests who booked a Saver fare or a non-refundable first class, main, or award ticket. The airline has extended their ‘new travel date’ period to one year from the original travel date.
  • American Airlines is waiving change fees for old and new travel booked before the end of the year, as well as offering a full refund in the case of an airline cancellation. Those who have booked a ticket before September 30th are invited to use that fare to cover travel through the end of 2021.
  • Delta Airlines is allowing guests to change or cancel flights purchased by December 31st without fees for up to a year. Additionally, the airline is offering a rebook voucher, valid up to two years from now, to any customers not comfortable traveling.
  • United Airlines is allowing credits on cancellations and waiving fees for any tickets booked through the end of the year. Further, the airline has permanently waived change fees for all future domestic travel.

Somewhat Flexible: Don’t Book Now

  • Spirit Airlines is offering a touch of flexibility, waiving change fees on flights booked before October 31, 2020. However, any travel booked after that date, or moving forward will not fall under this umbrella of fare flexibility.
  • JetBlue is allowing customers to cancel or change (only once) their tickets booked through February 28, 2021 for no fee. Travelers are in luck as the airline waives change fees, but those policies do not extend through the year.

No Flexibility: Beware the Booking

  • Frontier Airlines is offering no special flexibility for flights booked after April 15, 2020. Their general policies allow for minor flexibility, but the airline has made no policy updates regarding pandemic travel.

As with every aspect of the industry right now, these policies and procedures are constantly shifting in response to virus spikes and travel advisories. With App in the Air, we’ll do the work for you- consistently updating our internal data to reflect the most accurate cancellation policies and travel advisories. Bottom line? It’s not too late to book 2021 travel under current flexibility procedures.

How do I book flexible flights with App in the Air?

App in the Air makes it easy to search and book flexible fares for airline tickets. Note, if you’re searching for flexible flights then you’re also going to want to have the option to cancel your booking as well. This also gives you the opportunity to book with ease now and still decide if you want to go later.

How do I book flexible flights with App in the Air?

Where can I go anyway?

Travel restrictions are constantly changing these days so we suggest checking App in the Air’s travel restrictions tool to know where you can go — and, importantly, to avoid any unexpected frustration at the airport.

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