Where Can Vaccinated Travelers Go?

Conversations have been swirling about vaccine passports, border requirements, and mask mandates for over a year. Naturally, many travelers are feeling lost and asking, “where can I go?” It may surprise you just how many destinations have opened their doors to vaccinated travelers, and if you have recovered from your second jab, you may have a vacation in your future.

  • Anguilla: Starting July 1, vaccinated travelers are welcome.
  • Bahamas: Travelers who upload a vaccination record prior to arrival are exempt from pre and post arrival PCR tests.
  • Barbados: Starting May 8, vaccinated travelers are welcome, but must quarantine for ‘zero to two days.’ Vaccinated travelers traveling with unvaccinated people must adhere to non-vaccinated quarantine requirements.
  • Belize: Vaccinated travelers are exempt from PCR testing.
  • British Virgin Islands: Starting May 15, travelers can skip quarantine if they test negative before an after arrival, or if they provide evidence of an approved vaccine.
  • Croatia: Fully vaccinated travelers can enter without quarantine, as can travelers with negative PCR tests or proof of previous COVID infection. Everyone else may visit and test upon arrival or self-isolate for 10 days.
  • Cyprus: Starting May 10, travelers from most of Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia and other countries can bypass testing if they are vaccinated with Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine or vaccines approved by the EMA.
  • Ecuador: Travelers can show proof of vaccination and bypass testing requirements.
  • Estonia: Travelers who have been vaccinated in the past six months, or those who have already had COVID-19 can enter.
  • Republic of Georgia: Fully vaccinated travelers are welcome if they enter by air and have not been in India in the past 14 days, as the destination struggles through a deadly second wave.
  • Greece: Travelers with a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test are welcome.
  • Grenada: Starting May 1, vaccinated travelers are welcome but will still need to test negative before and after arrival.
  • Guatemala: Travelers who have been vaccinated, test negative, or those who have already had COVID-19 can enter.
  • Iceland: Travelers who have been vaccinated, or those who have already had COVID-19 can enter. Those inoculated with vaccines made in China and Russia will not be accepted.
  • Israel: Starting this May, the country plans to welcome a limited number of vaccinated tourist groups, and individual vaccinated travelers by July.
  • Montenegro: Travelers who have been vaccinated, test negative, or those who have already had COVID-19 can enter.
  • Nepal: Vaccinated travels are welcome without a pre-flight PCR test but must be tested post-arrival.
  • Seychelles: In January, this destination became the first nation to welcome vaccinated travelers from all over the world. As of now, it is open to all visitors regardless of vaccination status.
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: vaccinated travelers are welcomed hesitantly at this dual-island nation. From May 1, travelers immunized with U.S.- and European-made vaccines must “vacation in place” for nine days, rather than 14.
  • Tahiti: this destination is accepting visitors with a “compelling reason to visit French Polynesia,” which can be for the purposes of tourism if the visitor has been in the United States for 30 days before arrival.

So, where are we going?

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