What You Don’t Know About Booking Airline Tickets is Costing You

It’s Time to Raise Your Standards with a New One. Hello NDC.

Even the savviest of frequent fliers may not be aware of how an outdated selling process is driving up the cost of airline tickets, disrupting service and adding fees. There is a better way to connect with airlines directly and it’s called NDC and App in the Air is among a growing number of platforms adapting to this new technology.

NDC, which stands for New Distribution Capability, is an exciting new technology standard currently being implemented by the world’s airlines that allows the flying public to purchase airline seats in all classes of service and in every fare category, directly from the airline through airline partners such as App in the Air. While this may seem unnecessary, it’s important because right now almost all airline tickets are purchased through middlemen, intermediaries such as online travel agencies that add hidden fees for accessing a Global Distribution System or GDS to make bookings. App in the Air already has direct NDC connections with several major airlines including United, American, Lufthansa, British Airways, and more.

The GDS is the legacy technology that let’s travel agents and other resellers access flights and fares from the world’s airlines. In return, some airlines add additional fees for tickets purchased by resellers using GDS’ to defray the extra cost of using this distribution channel. Resellers using GDS’ also decide what inventory they will carry on their systems and some airlines opt out, meaning that when you book with your favorite OTA for example, you may not be seeing all the flights or all the fares available.

“We believe frequent fliers deserve to have access to every flight and every fare available on the market, at the lowest price possible” says App in the Air founder and CEO Bayram Annakov. “As all airlines gradually transition to the new NDC format, customers will start to see the benefits for themselves. It’s very exciting.”

NDC removes the middleman, making it easy for you to access all flights and all fares, so you can book the seat and ancillary services such as additional legroom and baggage allowance that you want directly from the airline of your choice with no hidden fees and in one transaction.

Best of all, when you book through App in the Air via our NDC connections with airlines, changes and adjustments to reservations are made directly with the airline and not an intermediary whose services and policies may not only differ but be less generous than the airline. And when airline policies change quickly, as they have with the pandemic this year, going direct is the best way to access the most reliable information.

“With no hidden fees, access to all fares and flights and better service, the case for NDC is clear,” says Annakov. “Frequent fliers are often first to new and improved travel practices and technologies, hacks that make travel better, faster, more affordable and frictionless,” says Annakov. Hello NDC indeed.

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