I fly therefore I am

We don’t want to be just an app. Actually, we are a community of people who use App in the Air to make travel easier, more fun and valuable.

To achieve that, we want to be open, work as a big family and be as many closers to our users as possible (by the way, all people from our team are involved in communication with people who send questions to us).

So we’ve decided to create a space where people can express themselves thanks to their travel experience. Who are the writers? Well, they are users of App in the Air — personal travel assistant. People who want to share their travel passion with you.

This blog would be a mix of their life stories, travel stories, travel hacks, inspire adventures, etc.

If you a user of App in the Air and want to write your stories to this blog — you are very welcome. Write to [email protected]

Let’s break the boundaries that surround us through this blog together.

Nikita Kosholkin, co-founder App in the Air.

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