Vasily Muzanov: Make the most of modern technology!

Vasily Muzanov: Make the most of modern technology!

I bet you remember yourself rushing to the airport and hoping you still have enough time to pass all security checks before your gate is closed. Let’s face it, even those whose life is like a clock sometimes may get affected by the things beyond their ordinary routine and this is the moment when they find themselves being late as all the others. That’s what has happened to my business pal recently. We were off on a business trip, but due to having our flights departed from different airports we agreed to meet on site the day after. Imagine how surprised I was when after landing I got a phone call from him, saying he missed the flight because he went to a wrong airport. What a “great” news, I thought to myself!

If you are a frequent flyer, “Appintheair” is a must-have app on your phone! The situation described would have never happened if he had had the app installed. Your phone would remind you in advance about the correct airport to go, time of your flight, delays (if any) and all other related stuff. What if you are already abroad and have no internet? No worries! The App could notify you via SMS so if you were that guy mixing up all things (and airports as well), you would never miss your flight…again.

As for me, I wish I had discovered this app much earlier. All flight changes are always on you, often fetched even earlier than publicly announced. Indeed, it helped me a lot especially when I was in airline lounges with display boards out of my sight. All my flight info is within arm’s reach so having a glance at my phone or watch keeps me always updated about my flight status.

Fly safely and make the most of modern technologies!

Vasily Muzanov

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