U.S. Plane Routes with the Best Views

While flying on a plane can seem like an endless game of trying to pass the time by reading, playing cards, watching a movie, or simply saying “wake me up when we get there,” some routes provide one-of-a-kind entertainment journeys that make passengers shift their attention from the clock to the ever-changing views from the sky. From natural wonders to mountain peaks, city skylines and more, these five breathtaking routes will make you feel like you’re sightseeing in the sky.

1. New York City

Credit: Marco Feng

Start spreading the news… New York City has one of the best views from high above. From the ground, visitors may underestimate the brilliance of lights and soaring skyscrapers, but on a flight coming into La Guardia Airport you can get a million-dollar bird’s-eye view, displaying just how great New York really is. At night, passengers can see the Empire State Building light up in all its glory. During the day, you may be able to see the true magnitude of Central Park.

2. Niagara Falls

Credit: LeoPatrizi | Getty Images

Speaking of New York — on a flight out of Albany you may encounter the glorious flowing waters of Niagara Falls! One of the most common routes that displays the falls is from Albany into Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Seeing this natural wonder from the sky is truly breathtaking.

3. The Grand Canyon

With something as grand as the Grand Canyon, it only makes sense that the views from high above are spectacular. This view can be appreciated on many flights to LAX, Las Vegas or from Phoenix to Salt Lake City.

4. The Pacific Northwest

Credit: The Wholesome Hiker

Every flight into Portland can be categorized as scenic with individual views of Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. However, when flying into Seattle from Portland, passengers will have the opportunity to see all three active volcanoes in one trip.

5. The Southeastern Coastline

Credit: @Margarethchan7

From city to city, the eastern coastline glistens. On this route you may see massive cruise ships bouncing off the crystal blue waters. From bustling cities to sunny beaches, this flight is filled with incredible views that will have you shaking with excitement for your travels to come.

With the stress, annoyance and impatience that can often come with flying, taking a minute to appreciate the outstanding views from the window seat can help bring peace and excitement to the flying experience — making us all realize how truly special flying is. When you book your next flight on one of these routes, be sure to keep your window shade up and look out for the beautiful sights below. Happy travels!

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