Traveling in the New Norm: Our Newest In-App COVID Restriction and Health Tools

App in the Air — Newest In-App COVID Restriction and Health Tools

As frequent fliers start planning domestic and international travel for 2020 and beyond, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest travel regulations that are issued throughout every country, and we’re here to help!

Predictability and preparation, from knowing what is needed ahead of the trip such as: the necessity of a completed health declaration form, to understanding specific airline cancellation policies, will help our app users returning to the skies have better experiences.

Here are our new features to check out:

Country-to-Country Travel Restrictions Guide

We’ve designed a new landing page, updated weekly, that gives users the latest detailed information on the countries they are departing and arriving from, including government restrictions (quarantine, health declarations etc.), airline and airport rules and everything fliers need to travel safely.

Do you know the coronavirus travel restrictions for your destination?
Our new country-to-country travel restrictions guide

In-App Health Filters

Our existing AI-powered search platform has been enhanced with more filters for users to select when searching for future flights and hotels. New filters include whether a mask is needed, avoiding middle seats and free cancellations. This can also be filtered in conjunction with existing features such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, airline alliances and more.

App in the Air — Latest in-app safety features

Helpful In-app Reminders Throughout the Travel Journey

We also instituted helpful in-app travel reminders throughout the travel journey from the booking process to future flight notifications.

  • During the booking process, there are several pop up reminders detailing important health information and travel advisories regarding the trip including travel restrictions and requirements such as health declaration, personal protection equipment such as gloves and masks and health assessment standards.
  • Users will receive immediate notification of prohibited flights, changes, and cancellations. For example, if Spain were currently closed to visitors and the advisory changed while users were searching, they would be alerted.

Knowing what to expect before leaving for the airport will make air travel better not only for frequent fliers but for the airlines, airports and destinations serving them. Knowledge means choice. Our new tools will help users understand the travel situation as it is and make real-time decisions based on their comfort levels. After all, we are your personal travel assistant.

Don’t have the app? Download it here.

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