Travel Trends We Think Will Be Important in 2021

As your ultimate travel assistant, it’s our responsibility to keep our finger on the pulse. As the travel industry looks to a brighter future, fueled by the promise of a vaccine, travelers are making concrete plans for their return to travel. That said, what will travel look like in 2021? How will the travel industry have changed after this most unusual year? We’ve compiled external and internal insights to predict the trends that will dominate 2021 bookings.

Spontaneous Bookings

Despite vaccine rumblings and positive planning from travel companies, the specifics of air travel are still in flux. When it comes to the resurgence of life in the air, travelers are booking last-minute flights to take advantage of quick savings and avoid the stress of long-term planning during a time when even tomorrow is not promised. Current booking trends reflect spontaneous short-term bookings in the lead, followed by plans for 2022 travel; it seems travelers are still apprehensive about the fate if 2021.

Infinite Workations

App in the Air users are no strangers to a little biz travel, but industry experts are predicting a blurring of the lines between business and leisure in 2021. As more companies remain remote, travelers are looking at their 2021 travel a bit differently, looking for ways to blend vacation and work — see our recent roundup of workation opportunities in the new year.

Footprint-Free Travel

Prior to the pandemic, the topic on everyone’s tongue was carbon offsetting and green travel. The travel industry is being held accountable for the environmental damage created by air travel, a necessary piece of modern life. As travel and aviation companies begin to plan past the pandemic, travelers can expect their tried-and-true brands to recommit to their carbon offsetting missions. Even in the past few weeks, multiple airlines, including JetBlue and Wizz Air, have announced new carbon offsetting programs to be implemented in the future of travel.

Reunion Travel

In the past few years, before COVID existed in the lexicon, solo travel has been on the rise. Travel companies and airlines worked to target solo travelers through exclusive offers and packages encouraging travelers to book on their own. After nearly a year of isolation, industry leaders are predicting a complete 180 turn here. As we move through the holiday season, the reality of a lonely Christmas morning is becoming more and more real. For many, 2020 has taken the cake as the loneliest year of all time, pushing travelers to reunite with loved ones in the coming year. Gone are the days of escaping life for a solo unwind — group and family travel will be back on the rise in 2021.

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