Travel Stories: Here’s What Flying from Milan to Amsterdam Feels like Right Now


The face of modern travel changes everyday as airlines across the globe re-adjust to the new normal, enforcing social distancing policies and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for travelers. In the past weeks, we’ve documented the travel experiences of App in the Air users, and this week we’re continuing that series. Our user Ugo Orsini recently completed two flights; one from Milan to Amsterdam, the second landing in Brussels. Upon landing, he outlined both experiences for us, from the cleanliness of the airport, to the capacity of the flights.

How was the airport experience?
After flying through Malpensa Airport’s TSA line in just five minutes, social distancing enforced, Orsini began searching for a bite to eat. “There was a selection of open restaurants,” says Orsini, “but the lounges were still closed. I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks, and I was impressed by the service and care of the workers, but I must say that many of the hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the airport were empty.” When he landed in Amsterdam, Orsini noticed that the airport was much quieter than usual, social distancing was enforced in lines, and lounges were open after noon.

After his stay in Amsterdam, Ugo Orsini once again packed his bags and headed for the airport, this time boarding a flight to Brussels. The boarding experience at AMS was positive; lacking large crowds and enforcing social distancing. The quieter than usual airport served only a handful of food options, usually offering packaged sandwiches to avoid any contamination.

How was the experience onboard the plane?
On the first leg of his trip, Ugo boarded the Alitalia flight and made his way to his Economy Comfort seat, noticing that all of the middle seats were left open by policy. All travelers and staff wore masks, and the airline suspended food service, with certain options available by request.

What did you notice about the destination?
Upon landing in Amsterdam, Orsini was not required to take a COVID-19 test, and soon checked into a clean hotel, thanks to the Hilton Clean Project. “Amsterdam was not very crowded,” says Orsini, “while there weren’t many people around, social distancing was well enforced by restaurants and bars as well as The Haag and Rotterdam.”

Upon landing in Brussels, Orsini was again not required to take a COVID-19 test and once again impressed by the cleanliness of his hotel room, despite finding it unsealed. “Bruxelles was not crowded,” says Orsini, “most people wore masks in the streets, despite it not being mandatory. Social distancing was enforced by restaurants and bars, as well as Bruges and Gent.”

Would you recommend traveling at this time?
Overall, Ugo endorsed his experience, stating “I would absolutely recommend travel at this time, even if it feels a bit weird!”

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