Travel Stories: Here’s What Flying from London to Austria Feels like Right Now

With airline policies changing and the safety of travelers being a priority, it’s important to learn from first-hand air travel experiences to help us navigate this new norm. In the past weeks, we’ve documented the travel experiences of App in the Air users, and this week we’re continuing that series. The travel blogger couple behind @heradventureswithim recently flew from London to Austria. Upon landing, they outlined their experiences for us, from the ease of the airports to the protocols during the flight.

App in the Air — Flying from LGW

How was the airport experience?
Jet setting travel couple behind the blog Her Adventures With Him, Maliha and Askari, started their adventure from London Gatwick Airport early in the morning, where they found TSA lines to be shorter than expected. While in line, they noticed appropriate social distancing, aided by directive signs and airport staff enforcing the six-foot rule. The airport being quieter than usual, had limited restaurants open. While picking up breakfast at Pure, Maliha noted the impressive protocols and procedures of the food service. “They were taking extra care of everything,” says Maliha, “there was a separating screen at the cashier and all the workers were wearing masks. As soon as we got up, a worker came to sanitize the table and seats. “

App in the Air — Flying from LGW

How was the experience onboard the plane?
Maliha and Askari made their way to the Easy Jet gate to await boarding. Upon boarding, the couple noticed that Easy Jet had seated their passengers strategically, leaving space between each person. “They had all the people sitting together with some seats completely empty. It seemed really weird, but they said it is so that the plane can stay ‘balanced’. There weren’t that many passengers onboard, but everyone was wearing masks throughout the entire flight” says the avid traveler. During the flight, bottled drinks were available for purchase, with the attendants only accepting payment via card.

What did you notice about the destination?
Upon landing in Innsbruck Airport in Austria, the travel couple found the small hub to be not crowded at all. Maliha stated that similar to Gatwick Airport, they also had signs and regulations in place to enforce social distancing. However, Innsbruck Airport had a completely open café space, where Gatwick’s options were limited. “No COVID test was required but we did have to self-isolate on return to England since Austria is on the quarantine list for the UK,” says Maliha. When Maliha and Askari arrived at the hotel, safety precautions were also strictly enforced. “Reception had a screen in between the guests and the staff to limit contact,” says Maliha, “at the breakfast buffet, you had to wear a mask until you made your way to your table.” Given that the Innsbruck Airport is a smaller hub with less traffic regardless of a pandemic, the travelers found the space free of crowds.People were only expected to wear masks while entering shops, museums, cable cars, public transportation,” the couple explained.

Would you recommend traveling at this time?
Overall, these frequent flyers endorsed the experience, sharing “we would recommend people to travel, but please research the destination to avoid the risk of flight cancellations and wasted time in self-isolation.” Lucky for this couple, and App in the Air users around the world, our COVID landing page is regularly updated with health advisories, quarantine requirements, cancellations, and any other pressing detail that may be affected by pandemic travel. “Tourism is restarting,” says Maliha, “we need to stay safe, but it is also important that we support local cultures and businesses as we try to rebuild together.”

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