Travel hacks from Julian Battioli

We continue the launched cycle of publications from our users. Today Julian from Malaga will share his travel hacks. Do you have something to tell? Just write us at [email protected]. And we’ll publish it in our social media.

Julian Battioli, frequent flyer from Spain:

  • For 6.5€, WizzAir has the best menu on board: delicious sandwich, snack and drink. Compared to Ryanair, Norwegian and other European low-cost is the biggest and cheapest.
  • Mostly every Spanish airport has drinking fountains next to bathrooms: take your own bottle empty on the security control and refill it for free. By June 2019, by law, every shop in the airport will have to sell water for 1€/500ml.
  • Watch out how long your layover is in BCN, Ryanair arrives at T1 and rest of them, from T2. THERE IS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN THEM! you may have to go out of the terminal, take a bus (20 mins) and cross security control again in the other terminal. The minimum hour and a half.

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