Summer Olympics 2024: Here’s How France is Already Preparing to Welcome 1M+ visitors

Credit: Olympics National pride. Intense competitions. Gold medal champions. In two years, the biggest names in sports will come ready to compete on the world stage once again in the Summer 2024 Olympics. For the third time in history, the games are set to take place in Paris, France. From July 26 through August 11, … Read more

5 Ways to Give Thanks This International Flight Attendant Day

International Flight Attendant Day is celebrated each year on May 31st. This holiday is dedicated to honoring the hard work of flight crew members around the world, and making special efforts to show appreciation for them. Flight attendants not only provide great in-flight service to passengers, but are also remarkable professionals who are highly trained … Read more

Lost an Item While Traveling? Here’s How You Can Recover It

Credit: Port of Seattle The process of flying from airport to airport — going through TSA checkpoints, airport dining, restrooms and more, with prized possessions and travel souvenirs by your side — presents the ultimate opportunity for the stressful experience of losing an item. From wallets, to accessories, to the can’t-live-without favorite stuffed animals, here are a few ways travelers … Read more

5 Inclusive Travel Initiatives in Honor of Autism Awareness Month

Credit: JetBlue April is World Autism Awareness Month! Spreading awareness and acceptance for people with autism is important every single day. In honor of that, we wanted to highlight some outstanding programs that make it easier for travelers with autism to fly — an experience that can be very difficult due to changes in routine and unpredictability, … Read more