Sustainability in the Air: April Edition

Happy Earth Week! To celebrate our planet and help you become a more sustainable traveler, we have prepared a lot of fun activities including an eco-giveaway you can enter at Read on for our monthly report on the aviation industry’s progress towards carbon neutrality. Policy The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a … Read more

Sustainability in the Air: March Edition

Photo courtesy of Boeing Sustainability was a key theme at the Singapore Airshow, with many aviation leaders coming together to discuss sustainable aviation solutions and goals to reduce the industry’s overall carbon footprint. For example, Pratt & Whitney, an American aerospace manufacturer with global service operations, announced its expansion of the company’s carbon offset program, which … Read more

Sustainability in the Air: February Edition

Photo courtesy of Singapore Airshow 2022 This month we are watching the 2022 Singapore Airshow very closely. It kicks off with strong optimism for industry recovery and a focus on sustainability. In line with the global agenda on climate change, the Singapore Airshow has partnered with Alton Aviation Consultancy to present the inaugural “Sustainable Aviation Forum”. … Read more

Sustainability in the Air: December Edition

In what can be called a ‘watershed year for sustainability action’ in the aviation world, announcements have been trickling in almost daily about leading industry players making pledges to tackle climate change, partnering with customers to bring down carbon emissions, and investing in Sustainable Aviation Fuel or completing SAF powered test flights. All while airports … Read more