Spotlighting the world’s busiest airport: ATL Hartsfield Jackson

Spotlighting the world’s busiest airport: ATL Hartsfield Jackson — app in the air
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Named the ‘World’s Busiest Airport’ for 21 years in a row, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is visited by over 100 million travelers every year, averaging 300,000 travelers per day and employing around 60,000 workers. To put that into perspective, that’s 5X the amount of visitors at Disney World Magic Kingdom per day, pre-COVID. Beyond it’s reputation as a bustling and busy hub, the ATL airport also holds the record as the ‘World’s Most Efficient Airport.’ Built on the abandoned Atlanta Speedway in 1925, the ATL airport is now a 4,700-acre complex with 209 total domestic and international gates. For those long layovers, there are more than 300 dining, shopping, and service options throughout the 6 concourses.

Our users are regulars at ATL and here’s what they love about it:

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Art & Culture:

Besides being a hub for transportation, ATL also gives flyers a museum experience by displaying art exhibits throughout the airport and between terminals highlighting unique artists and the history of Atlanta. The most popular piece of artwork in the ATL airport is the $4.1 million “Flight Paths” piece that simulates a walk through an illuminated forest in an underground walkway. The airport also offers the sweet sounds of southern hospitality with live music performances throughout the concourses.


While passing through the airport, get a taste of classic Atlanta soul food and try award-winning fried chicken at one of the three locations of Paschal’s Southern Cuisine. Dine like a celebrity at rapper Ludacris’s restaurant, Chicken + Beer, in Concourse D offering a hot bite, cold drink, and southern hospitality. Check out classic Atlanta institution Grindhouse Killer Burgers in Concourses D and T for a classic burger, fries, and shake.


With Delta Air Lines being headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Delta makes up for 75% of the flight traffic each day. Additionally, you can find a Delta Sky Club at each concourse of the ATL airport with its own unique art and food offerings.

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