Shortest connection in Goteborg

This is Julian, our user from Malaga. That’s the real story about the travel that hap- pened to him. If you have interesting stories or some travel hacks, write to us at [email protected]. And we’ll publish it in our social media.

Julian Battioli, frequent flyer from Spain:

Once I bought two separated tickets, AGP-GOT and GOT-WAW with the only one-hour layover.

First flight was delayed for 40 minutes, so I landed in Goteborg only
in 12 minutes before the other departure. Actually, that day, the App in the Air saved me. As soon as the plane stopped, I connected my phone and checked in the App which gate I had to go, right on the other side of the terminal in GOT.

It was February, we had to go from the airplane to the terminal walking. My shoes were full of snow. Only six minutes from departure.

I had to run directly from gate to gate, with my boots full of snow, skating around the terminal.

You know, I didn’t have to go through security again. I just went from one gate to another one directly inside the terminal. The stewardess saw me running and waited for me. Thank God.


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