Sebastian: “I was born with the sky in my soul.”

Balloons over Bagan: an experience that Sebastian manages as part of the luxury tourism company he works for.

Meet community member, Sebastian Pun, who has been an App in the Air user since 2016. A true travel enthusiast who has spent the equivalent of 11 weeks in the air, he describes himself as a man “born with the sky in his soul”. Read on to learn more about Sebastian.

Sebastian posed with a Piper Warrior after completing solo flight school in Jerez.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a VIP Clientele Manager for a luxury tourism company in Myanmar, where I manage various “experiences” including hot air ballooning over the Irrawaddy River, and operating private charter yachts. I studied hotel management in school, and I love working in the tourism industry for the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people, and seeing smiles everyday. However, I moved to Thailand earlier this year after leaving Myanmar due to a political crisis. I was living in Bangkok for a few months, and am based in Phuket for the moment.

We’re sorry to hear you had to leave Myanmar. How have things been since moving to Thailand?

In spite of the pandemic, being in Thailand has been great. Since moving here, I began learning how to scuba dive. When we first opened our resort back in Myanmar, we had a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) shop, and some of my friends kept asking if I had an Open Water Diver certification, which is for entry level recreational use. So now that I had time on my hands, I felt it was time to make the jump and get qualified. I have recently completed my Advanced Open Water Diver training!

Scuba diving in the waters of Phuket, Thailand.

How would you describe your relationship with travel?

My relationship with travel started at a young age back when I was 7 years old departing for boarding school in the U.K. I’ve been traveling and flying regularly ever since then. I spent about 14 years flying back-and-forth between London and Hong Kong, and during that time, built a connection with aviation and traveling, meeting new cultures, seeing new faces, and experiencing the variety of lifestyle that each country has to offer.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned during my traveling days is to always be open-minded and to keep a positive attitude… You never know who you‘ll meet, and if they might become your future friend or travel buddy!

Do you have a favorite travel memory to share?

My favorite travel memory would have to be from when I was in Japan. I had a memorable moment in Fukuoka, when I was brought to a ramen store where you had to purchase a ticket from the vending machine, and hope that what you selected on the machine would actually give you what you expected.

The unique ramen vending machine in Fukuoka, Japan, that Sebastian just can’t forget.

What is your favorite App in the Air feature?

My favourite feature on the app would be the self-booking and aircraft selection tab where it gives you the complete information regarding your flight and how you should plan your seating.

Sebastian’s App in the Air profile as of July 2021.

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