Oumar Masood: “The main source of getting cheaper trips is going to booking sites via cashback…

Oumar Masood: “The main source of getting cheaper trips is going to booking sites via cashback referral sites”

Do you have a lot of the trips? Here are the new one dozen tips from our regular user and active traveler, Oumar Masood.

I think the main source of getting cheaper trips is going to booking sites via cashback referral sites such as topcashback.co.uk and quidco.com. By using these sites to go to the site I will be making my booking (be it flights, accommodation, tours, currency, insurance, etc), I can end up getting anywhere unto 10% cash back on the advertised price.

The best thing is the cashback sites will have offers on throughout the year so you can end up getting back even more.

How you redeem your cashback is also up to you; you can get the amount deposited straight into your bank or PayPal account, or go one better and have them converted into gift cards to various online stores so that cashback amounts will go even further.

While I mentioned using the cashback sites to buy currency, there are now a number of cards (Monzo and Starling to name two) that allow you to use your card with 0% transactions fees, and you are charged the currency rate as set by the card scheme (MasterCard in these instances). Not only will you not be charged at transaction fees when using the card for card payments, but the cards allow you to withdraw cash from the ATM of the local currency without any fees, so you are getting the best rate possible.

This works out significantly better than transferring your currency into holiday money at any exchange, be it in your home country, online or abroad. The cards can also be controlled via an app, so you are literally in full control of your spending.

And App in there Air is an awesome little app that I’ve found useful for my travels. Brilliant to have all the details of your flights and past travels in one easy to access location. Love how it tells you the small handy things like the weather of the origin/destination and how long check-in, boarding, security are all expected to take on the day using live data from fellow travellers using the app.

One of my personal favourites (and the main reason for my interest in the app originally) is the wealth of stats from all the flights that are logged within the app. You’ve got things like total hours flown, miles traveled, different airport and countries visited, airlines used (even down to the different aircraft flown on); a statistician’s wet dream!

The highlight will be the map though… this tracks all the flights and stops that have been logged within the app, giving a beautiful overview of your travels and to top it off the AR feature that has the globe with all the travels showing in argumented reality — not useful but is fun!

Oumar Masood

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