Oumar Masood: “Join a frequent flyer program (FFP), regardless of how much you fly!”

Oumar Masood: “Join a frequent flyer program (FFP), regardless of how much you fly!”

Do you have a lot of the trips? Here are a dozen tips from our regular user and active traveler, Oumar Masood.

My goto site for looking for the locating the cheapest flights is skyscanner.com, and when I have a destination in mind and date range I will be traveling, I will look for flights on different days of the week to determine if there is a fluctuation in price and book accordingly. I think the best days to look for flights is a Thursday (could be wrong on this one).

Join a frequent flyer program (FFP), regardless of how much you fly! With most of the FFP part of networks with other airlines, even if you don’t fly with the airline that your FFP is a part of, chances are that it might be part of the same network (eg OneWorld, Sky Alliance) and so you still get points.

It might even be worth joining multiple FFP that belong to different networks so that you are always getting points one way or another with someone, whenever you fly.

Another means to get that FFP is to get a credit card that gives you points the more you spend on the card. You can end up spending all your regular (and irregular) shopping and bills on the card to rake up the points, but just be sure to set up payments to pay off the bill in full when each statement arrives so that you don’t occur additional charges that would otherwise cancel out the FFPs.

The final note on FFP points is a site called Rocketmiles; what this does is give you the various amount of FFP of your chosen airline (theyTh have plenty, and wouldn’t be surprised if they have them all), for each night you book a hotel stay through them. The hotels they have listed are no different to any other sites, it’s just that you will be getting FFP in addition. The only caveat is that sometimes hotels booked through Rocketmiles can be a bit more expensive, but would still be cheaper than if you were to buy the equivalent FFP directly from the airline. Rates do vary, however. I use a mix of RocketMiles and cashback sites when it comes to booking hotels.

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