Nicola Arrighi, “App in the Air as the perfect companion for endless traveling”

It all started in September 2015. Not sure how long the app had been in the App store for by then, but it for sure caught my attention when I first spotted it. As a non-stop globetrotter since 2008, I knew straight away this app would have become my best travel companion. I work as business development manager for an Italian company specialized in microbiology pre-analytics and my job pretty consists 1) to promote the company’s products to customers through our current distribution channel as well as 2) to scout for new business opportunities.

Initially, I used to fly short-range (mainly across Europe) but I gradually expanded the “horizons” and thus started to fly long-range. It becomes pretty clear now how I was able to reach the 1.000.000 Km mark in three years, only ;-). It is like doing a journey to the moon and back 2.5 times!!! I have always been an aviation enthusiast since when I was a kid so I do not mind flying for long hours and/or several times a week. However, sometimes your body may react to it negatively. In this sense, I appreciate and find truly beneficial the app-in-the-air feature which reminds you to stand up and/or move when being “stuck” in your plane economy seat for a long time.

Being a “catch me if you can” person, it is also important to be promptly informed of any sudden gate change and or flight delay. In all truth, the app never missed an information and, actually, most of the times it notified me faster than the airport itself (or even google..). If you combine this great service together with the possibility to have it offered on your wrist with a wearable (in my case, an Apple watch), you are pretty much good to go and not worry about anything else ( not forget your passport).

I’d have liked the app to be released waaaaaay sooner to calculate the total mileage since when I started to travel more frequently in 2008; for this, I have to rely on my memory and a calculator which both make me think that I may have accumulated over 3.000.000 km in over 10 years. I will be for sure more precise next time I will hit a new mark.

Perhaps the app in the future will suggest me to become an airline pilot and hence the developers will introduce a pilot badge?

Nicola Arrighi

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