Miles4Migrants: The Nonprofit Turning Airline Miles into Better Futures

Our global community is no stranger to unprecedented times of conflict and division, but it is in these moments of peril when we realize our capacity for great acts of love and service.

Miles4Migrants, a 501(c)(3) charity, is tirelessly working to unite efforts for humanity by donating frequent flyer miles and vouchers to people impacted by war, persecution, or disaster, allowing them to find a home and start a new beginning.

In partnership with other nonprofits, Miles4Migrants identifies asylum seekers, and their immediate family members, who have legal approval to travel but cannot afford the cost of airfare. The charity recognizes the financial burden on refugees and provides relief by offering critical travel support to individuals and families.

To date, Miles4Migrants has flown 5,000+ individuals from 78 different countries, totaling 85 million miles redeemed.

In response to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, Miles4Migrants is working with several partners to help Afghan families escape from the Taliban takeover. In a recent blog post, Miles4Migrants stated, “Over the past few weeks, we have been working expeditiously with our charity partners to help families escape the Taliban takeover of the Afghan government. Sadly, the takeover has increased at an alarming rate, and many — but not all — of the flights booked just days ago have already been cancelled. Miles4Migrants remains firmly committed to assisting our partners in getting Afghan families to safety. We stand ready to fulfill these flight requests as soon as we are able to do so.”

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How to Donate to Miles4Migrants

Miles4Migrants accepts donations from many airline loyalty and credit card rewards programs, including but not limited to, Aeroplan, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines AAdvantage, American Express Membership Rewards, Amtrak Guest Rewards, Bank of America Travel Rewards, Capital One, Chase Unlimited Rewards, Delta Sky Miles, Flying Blue, Frontier Miles, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines.

To donate frequent flyer miles, vouchers, or money, please visit Miles4Migrants’ website and make a pledge. The minimum pledge size relies on the minimum amount needed to book a flight with each program. Current flight donations will all be used to fulfill the most urgent flight requests in Afghanistan.

After you donate and a match has been found, Miles4Migrants will contact you with the recipient’s information. You can choose to book the flight yourself or Miles4Migrants will assist you throughout the process. Most of the time, donors will receive a story and photo of the individual or family whose miles helped spark a better life.

In times like these, small acts of help, such as donating your saved up miles, can quite literally change lives. Learn more about Miles4Migrants’ mission to “transform miles into a life-changing force for good” at

Visit here to donate.

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