Martin McDonagh: “A 27 hour journey but 100% worth it to surprise a loved on”

Martin McDonagh: “A 27 hour journey but 100% worth it to surprise a loved on”

Over the last number of years, I’ve flow a lot across Europe, the US and Canada and always found it so difficult to track flights and have them all in the one place. Carrying around sheets of paper with itinerary and boarding passes was far from ideal. Looking for a printer at home or in work making sure I had checked in was so frustrating all of the time. So much wasted time and paper for years. I first heard about App in the Air when I was living and working in Toronto a few years back and when I decided to purchase an Apple Watch. I am an geek at heart so love the easy of having everything on my phone and now on my wrist. I started using the app and was instantly impressed and the features and UX. Being able to now check when my list of upcoming flights are directly from my Tript account or my email, checking in and seeing details of a new airport like the average security time just makes my life so easy when you spend so much time at the airport.

Recently I broke my Apple Watch Series 2 and decided to get and Apple Watch series 4 and App in the Air looks even better on the larger screen!

I moved to Melbourne, Australia in June of this year and have being doing a lot of trips both work and personal related and I just love to see a notification coming up on the watch to give me an update of an upcoming flight, a gate change or when it’s time to check in or board the aircraft.

It’s now December 7th and I am travelling home to surprise my Mother for Christmas on June 20th and she has no idea I am coming home. I have organized all of this with my sister and have her subscribed with flight alerts so she will know when I land. A 27 hour journey but 100% worth it to surprise a loved on. Thanks App in the Air!

Martin McDonagh

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