Luis: “I want people to know that traveling is not only for the rich.”

“My collection of postcards over the years”

Meet Luis, a flight attendant with VivaAerobus. He grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and decided early on that travel was meant to be. Learn more about what inspired him to pursue this career.

What inspired you to become a flight attendant?
When I was 15, our high school class took a trip to Mexico City. It was the first time I had travelled alone by myself. That trip changed my life and I decided traveling was something I definitely wanted to do more of. After high school one of my friends became a flight attendant and I realized that was my way into the travel industry. Not only that, many people around me hadn’t travelled much, even friends who worked in the tourism industry — so I even bought them all tickets. I was able to not only fulfill my travel dreams but also help become a part of their experience. Before the pandemic hit I was actually traveling every six months.

I want people to know that traveling is not only for the rich. Anyone can and should get out and experience what it’s like. I’ve been a flight attendant since November 2019 with VivaAerobus. Before I was paying for the travels but now I get paid to travel!

What has been your favorite travel memory?
Here in Mexico it actually doesn’t snow that much, although I had seen it two or three times in my life. So this one time, I flew into Poland to visit some friends and it began snowing as we were landing. It was the most incredible thing I’d ever seen. At the time I thought this was only something you see in the movies. When we started landing, everything was white and once we were on the ground, I was still in awe because it just felt impossible. Watching that was amazing and then seeing my friends on that same trip — it all felt like a movie. That was the most exciting travel experience I’ve had.

When I started traveling, I realized that people still buy and mail postcards. I started doing the same! So in all the countries and cities I visit, I buy postcards and collect coins. It’s the keepsake that I have to remember the different places I’ve been to. Not the typical souvenirs. It’s a special sensation to feel and remember what it was like when you look back at the postcard. I have almost 100 of them! Also, I always manage to make a friend on every trip and I keep in touch through these postcards.

“My collection of coins!”

Where are you looking forward to traveling once it’s safe to do so?
I’m really excited to travel to different places in Asia. My sister spent a summer camp in Japan and was always telling me that I should come visit. On my list are: Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong. I’ve never been to that side of the world and just want to explore. I’ve been to Europe and every country has something unique to see — I’m wanting to have the same experience in Asia. For me it’s about the entire experience: the food, the people, the culture. I love all of it!

“I always manage to make a friend on every trip and I keep in touch through these postcards.”

Any advice you have for future flight attendants?
I remember in flight school they told us that an airplane can fly through some of the toughest weather conditions, even lightening. So I would say for those of you who think that the flight industry will change, I say don’t worry about it. Because when you’re a flight attendant, you’re a part of the plane and if it can weather the storm, so can you.

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