Love in the Air: 4 Couples Who Met on an Airplane

Happy Valentine’s Day, aviators! We all know that love can be found anywhere — at a grocery store, a bar, the gym, or even on an airplane. Can you imagine meeting the love of your life 30,000 feet above ground? Well, it’s more common than you may think! Buckle up and read on for a special ‘Love in the Air’ edition of our favorite in-flight romance stories.

Credit: CNN | Robert Moyer

Noel and Robert

At the Salt Lake City International Airport, Noel and Robert first laid eyes on each other in the terminal. Although an attraction was evident, it was ignored until they realized they were on the same flight, seated in the same row. They shared stories during their five-hour flight and discovered they grew up only 13 miles apart. Once the plane landed, they walked together to baggage claim, gathered their luggage, exchanged numbers and hugged goodbye. Noel knew immediately that Robert was the man she was going to marry, and she was right! The couple dated for two years before eventually getting married and having their son.

Credit: WFAA | John Cain Studio

Cathlyn and Michael

On a 5 a.m. flight to Dallas, Cathlyn sat in the same row as Michael leaving the middle seat to pastor Bonny Andrews. Bonny introduced himself to the row and the others followed. For four hours, the conversation flowed. Through these conversations, they found out that Michael’s aunt and uncle were Cathlyn’s next-door neighbors when growing up. However, the most important part of their conversation was about faith. Both Cathlyn and Michael were strong believers making it an emotional experience. Once landed, they each individually texted someone that they had met their person. Michael proposed inside a Southwest plane at Dallas’s Frontiers of Flight Museum. Pastor Bonny even officiated the wedding!

Credit: Hemispheres Magazine | United Airlines

Ellie and Ryan

Flight UA1487 from Houston to Honduras marked the beginning of this love story. Ellie and Ryan were seated next to each other, both traveling to Central America to volunteer. Ryan was originally assigned a different seat but decided to upgrade a few days prior. They chatted the whole flight and accompanied each other through customs. They kept in touch through social media and eventually began dating. Ryan proposed a year after they met and the two were happily married. United Airlines celebrated Ryan and Ellie onboard with a gift, decorations and the song ‘Marry You’ on the speakers.

Credit: CNN

Mafalda and Sameer

On a long-haul flight to Egypt, Mafalda and Sameer were seated side by side. Mafalda’s original flight was overbooked so she was bumped to this one. After sleeping for most of the flight, she decided to watch a show but accidentally turned-on Sameer’s inflight tv. They started talking and instantly connected. They ended up going sightseeing and having dinner together while in Egypt. They began a long-distance relationship and eventually got married. These two are definitely in it for the long-haul!

You never know where you might meet someone special, for these four sets of lovebirds it was on a plane. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remember — love is in the air!

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