Lost an Item While Traveling? Here’s How You Can Recover It

Credit: Port of Seattle

The process of flying from airport to airport — going through TSA checkpoints, airport dining, restrooms and more, with prized possessions and travel souvenirs by your side — presents the ultimate opportunity for the stressful experience of losing an item. From wallets, to accessories, to the can’t-live-without favorite stuffed animals, here are a few ways travelers can seek help locating a lost item.

If The Item Was Lost at the Airport…

The TSA has a lost and found website for items misplaced during the security process or within checked luggage. The website provides contact information for each airport and a report filing system through a free technology service in partnership with Rejjee.

If you lost an item in the airport elsewhere, contact the specific airport’s lost and found helpline directly. iFly lets users search for the correct location and provides links to a lost and found page with other useful tips and tricks personalized by airport.

Lost Luggage or Items Left on the Plane…

For lost luggage or valuable items left directly on the plane, contact the airline directly. Most airlines have lost luggage offices, usually found in the airport’s baggage claim area. If the airline has no office, travelers should proceed to the airline’s check-in counter and file a lost luggage report. Thankfully, only 1–2% of luggage is ever truly lost, as most misplaced luggage is eventually located and returned to the owner. If permanently lost through the checked luggage process, airlines will compensate the travelers.

Credit: Ryanair

For valuables lost on a plane, travelers should fill out a ‘lost and found’ form for the airline flown and wait for a response. Passengers are rarely allowed back on an aircraft once deplaned, so it’s important to triple-check your belongings when exiting.

Tips and Tricks

To help aid or prevent this stressful experience, take a few safety measures to better prepare. Make sure your luggage and expensive belongings have contact information attached. Travel insurance is another great option to consider for frequent fliers since it provides compensation not only for trip cancellation, but for lost items in certain cases as well.

If you have already misplaced an item, the best thing to do is stay calm and use the appropriate method of contact to locate your belongings. By following the advice mentioned in this blog, you have the best tools at your disposal to locate your missing item as soon as possible!

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