Let’s get back to travel together.

Let’s get back to travel together. With the launch of our new Digital Health Passport features where you can upload your COVID test results and vaccine cards digitally for more seamless travel experiences, we’re inviting you to upload a vax, give a vax.

App in the Air is inviting you to upload a vax, give a vax
App in the Air is inviting you to upload a vax, give a vax

In partnership with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance that helps vaccinate almost half the world’s children against infectious diseases, we are working to support global access to COVID-19 vaccines. It’s simple — upload your proof of vaccination to your new digital health passport, and help us unite the world in health.* Take it from our founder…

We want people to be able to freely and safely travel and recognize that vaccine requirements slow that down. Our first step is to acknowledge the inequalities throughout the globe surrounding access to COVID-19 vaccines, and act on it now to do our part to help not only our travelers but the communities they fly to,” says Bayram Annakov, CEO and Founder of App in the Air.

Take a peek at our newest features:

  • Ability to upload and scan PCR tests and vaccine cards digitally ahead of your next trip
  • Real-time alerts notifying if you need to upload a test for your specific destination
  • Access to a personal QR code, similar to the app’s boarding feature, where the digital passport will easily scan for travel requirement approvals in the airport
  • Assistance finding and booking lab appointments
Make a difference. Upload a vax. Give a vax.

*For each vaccine certificate uploaded in the App in the Air app between November 18, 2021 and June 30, 2022, App in the Air will donate $10 USD to Gavi.org. Each $10 USD donated to Gavi.org allows them to provide one (1) vaccine dose to a person in need. App in the Air will donate up to a maximum of $25,000 USD to Gavi.org. There is a limit of up to five vaccine certificate uploads per household and App in the Air account. App in the Air’s privacy policy applies to information uploaded on the app and can be found here: https://www.appintheair.mobi/privacypolicy. These features are currently only available on iOS and coming soon to our Android app.

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