Julian: “My trip begins the moment I buy my tickets.”

We’re excited to share the story of Julian (Mr. Pasajero), a business management student from Spain. He’s been an App in the Air user since 2015 — read on to learn more about some of his travel tips and stories.

Hi Julian! We’re excited to talk to you today. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Mr. Pasajero, but my name is Julian. I’m 24 years old, from Spain. I’m a Business Management student searching for a chance to work in the aviation world. I love traveling. I’ve been to 32 countries so far, but my passion is aviation. My trip begins the moment I buy my tickets! I try to fly different airlines and airplanes to my destinations and write about my experiences onboard. I always try to have a few flights booked for many different destinations — long or short haul, doesn’t matter. I like to visit new places, traveling once every couple of months, if I can.

Do you have any favorite airports?

I’ve been to more than 60 different airports so far, but my favorite is (you won’t believe it) Tallinn Airport. It’s a pretty small airport with no big airplanes, but every gate is themed: you can find a library in one of them to read while you wait, table tennis to play, sleeping pods and few restaurants. Quite an experience having a layover there!

In your travels, have you found a favorite travel destination and memory?

My favorite travel destination has been Hawaii. First, because I had to take three different flights to reach there, and when I got there, I found a paradise with beautiful landscapes, calm beaches, good weather and awesome people smiling wherever you’re going.

“Just taking it all in”

So what’s in your travel packing list?

When I travel, I always bring with me a good backpack, my travel pillow and a bottle of water. During long haul flights, taking a good book with me is very important, to keep my layovers entertaining. But when I fly, I cannot make it without App in The Air. This app has been my flight partner everywhere I’ve been since 2015.

Where are you looking forward to traveling to, once it’s safe to do so?

My upcoming trips will be, as I call it, the “Mr.Pasajero challenge.” I want to fly around the globe — but only the most iconic routes, filming everything about it for my followers:

  • The longest flights (from Singapore to New York, Atlanta- Johannesburg, Dubai-Auckland, etc)
  • Transpolar flight (from Santiago de Chile to Sydney)
  • Flying across the day line from Asia to America, or the Kangaroo Route From London to Perth.
“In the A350 cockpit — repping my App in the Air t-shirt”

I want to put what I love the most into this trip: traveling and aviation. Traveling has become my biggest hobby, and I try to share all my experiences on Instagram with my followers. Everything from saving money for my next trip, planning, to thinking about where to go, so I can fly new airplanes, see new landscapes, taste new flavors and meet new people. What else could I ask for?

App in The Air is that app you don’t realize how essential it is until you use it. The fact that you can manage all your trips, and (what I love the most) count hours, miles and have a record of all the airports, airplanes, airlines and countries I’ve been to has been awesome. Now I only think about getting all the badges!

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