Is it safe to travel? Prepping for travel in the shadow of a lockdown

What is flying like right now?

Ever-changing restrictions, new security policies, unusually slow air traffic and increased anxiety have descended upon travelers in 2020. More countries around the globe are updating their entry requirements each day, and it can be difficult for even an experienced frequent flyer to keep up. Airport lounges and dining options are limited, with airport regulations shifting by the minute.

App in the Air has dedicated itself to providing the most up-to-date information for users and grounded travelers, including preparation advice for the next flight. Based on user experience and industry insights, we’ve compiled a quick checklist for travelers easing back into flight.

Does Your Destination Require a COVID-19 Test Upon Entry?
Some airports now require the passengers to show negative test results before boarding, while others test for COVID-19 upon arrival, some ask for nothing at all. According to the recent flight experience from App in the Air Ambassador, Callum Davies, upon arriving in London, he was not required to show any form of positive test result. Upon arrival in Dubai, he found that travelers are required to take a mandatory test unless they can show negative test results within 96 hours prior to arrival. In conjunction with our new health booking features, we have created a landing page, which is updated weekly, where travelers can check all possible Coronavirus travel restrictions and health advisories for their destination. This resource, along with the in-app reported user experiences, has become the ultimate tool for prepared flyers.

Does Your Terminal Offer Dining?
Airport shops and restaurants are slow to open as we ease back into air travel, leaving travelers strapped for snacks as they await the call of their boarding group. One of our lifetime app users Dave said that “90% of shops were closed and finding food or getting drinks beforehand was not really an option.” Some restaurants are offering pre-packaged meals and snacks, as well as very limited seating. Don’t waste precious boarding time running through the terminal in search of a Smart Water. Instead, App in the Air shares real-time user recommendations and tips from inside the airport. Does the terminal one Starbucks look clean? What areas of the airport are offering open seating? It’s all inside the app interface. Travelers looking to save the time and hassle should bring a packaged snack in their carry on and head straight to the gate.

Has Your Flight Been Cancelled or Restricted?
As health mandates and quarantine restrictions continue to change on a global level, it can be difficult to keep up with international border changes and consequent flight changes. As a post-lockdown traveler, it is crucial to monitor the dates of your trip and the most up to date regulations for your departure and arrival destinations. App in the Air’s Coronavirus landing page is updated weekly with destination updates, national and international mandates, and health advisories. When booking with the app, travelers also get several reminders and notifications about their flight, including changes and cancellations. In the case that restrictions affect a flight itinerary, App in the Air will notify users of ideal future flights based on AI-learning of a user’s preferred flight style.

Airport prep has an added level of stress these days, but with a personal flight assistant like App in the Air, travelers can ensure safe and timely air travel during an uncertain time.

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