Intel in the Air: May Roundup of the Latest Aviation News

Each month of the year has brought a new air travel record, and May was no exception. This month, we continued to set new records for total number of passengers passing through TSA checkpoints, a strong sign of the resurgence of travel. We spent the month tracking industry trends like family travel increases, watching the ever-changing airline policies, and looking forward to a future of fun in the skies.

Read on for the latest ‘Intel in the Air’ news roundup, where we keep our users informed and in-the-know on the industry’s latest happenings.

Courtesy: Southwest Airlines

Inflight Drinking Returns

After a year of pretzels and Dasani, air travelers can once again enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of hot coffee while in the air. This month, Southwest Airlines announced it would bring back alcohol and coffee to its flights, beginning with Hawaii and short-haul flights. Alaska Airlines followed in suit, restoring their full hot meal and bar service on long-haul flights.

The Industry Prepares for Traveling Families

Travel numbers were up this month, with Mother’s Day Weekend setting a new air travel record of 1.7 million people being screened at TSA checkpoints. Those numbers continue to rise with more than 37 million people expected to travel over Memorial Day Weekend. According to the New York Times, family travel is leading the industry’s return. In response, American Airlines introduced a new family-friendly premium service which aids families through the security process and assists with their baggage.

Courtesy: TWA Hotel

Aviation is Having Fun Again

The last few months have brought returns to normalcy and small steps forward for airlines across the country, but this month we took it a step further. Beyond normal air travel procedures, the industry stepped outside of the box and ventured into some fun. The TWA Hotel announced it’s new roller rink, which opened May 14th. The hotel will turn the tarmac into the Roll-A-Rama ay the Runway Rink every weekend for aviation lovers looking for summer fun in the city.

Courtesy: Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways Officially Takes to the Skies

We’ve been buzzing about the new budget airline, Breeze Airways, for months now. On May 27th, the airline embarked on its first flight, with plans of many more flights concentrated in the southeastern United States. The airline put is first 39 routes on sale for as little as $39, and the industry can’t stop talking about it.

This month was full of great news for air travelers, from new airlines to book and new av-geek activities to enjoy. Possibly the best news came from the CDC, who announced they will no longer require vaccinated travelers to be tested for COVID-19 before embarking on a trip or returning home. After a year of tracking testing requirements and procedures, millions of travelers across the country took a huge sigh of relief and began booking summer travel.

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