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App in the Air — Anti Viral Fashion COVID-19
The ‘antiviral’ fashion trend has seen brands jump to create a range offunctionality meets style’ options for travelers.

Goodbye ‘new wave’, hello ‘new-norm’. Fashion has always been at the forefront of re-invention and societal change, with the recent transformation of travel being no exception. The ‘antiviral’ fashion trend has seen brands jump to create a range offunctionality meets style’ options for travelers; from bio-hoodies to full metal jackets, all aimed to help people feel stylish but safe in their newfound travel routine. We have put together a few of our favorite designs that may help you feel more protected on your next flight.

G95 Gear

G95 Gear offers clothing with Filtration Technology built-in to help protect you from airborne particles that can be hazardous to your health — from comfy and stylish Bio-hoodies that zip all the way up to your nose, through to Biosheild masks and scarfs for added protection. In tests, on average the G95 material filtered out 99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns or larger.

App in the Air — G95 gear
G95 Biohoodie


Move aside Naomi Campbell, Italian designer brand Marta Scarampi has created a unisex range of breathable, waterproof coverall jumpsuit for travellers — easy to remove as soon as you arrive to your destination.

App in the Air — Vollebak Full Metal Jacket
Vollebak Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jackets

For a space-chic in-flight look, Vollebak, described as an ‘intelligent clothing’ men’s apparel brand, are exploring disease-resistant clothing — including their Full Metal Jacket. This shiny number is inspired by space and made with 65% copper; viruses and bacteria can’t live on copper. They also offer a Deep Sleep Cocoon, a ‘self-contained microhabitat that’s a cross between a cocoon and a spacesuit’ — perfect for shutting out the world and getting some well-deserved shut-eye on a red-eye!

App in the air — Deep Sleep Cocoon
Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon

Anti-Viral Denim

If jeans are your go-to travel pant of choice, the new range of ‘anti-viral denim’ from Warp & Weft are worth a look. Using Viroblock technology, the jeans are made of fabric that kills 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Fashion for Your Seat

Beyond wearable fashion, accessories will also come into play in the airport and in-flight with items like detachable covers. KleenWraps offer protection against germs on surfaces; think luggage trollies! Another great option is Seat Sitters, a lightweight reusable seat cover for planes or trains. Gate8 also offers a multi trip Work & Travel Hygiene Accessory Kit, including re-useable face mask, medical grade disposable masks, hand gel, gloves and sanitizing wipes.

App in the Air — KleenWraps
Kleen Wraps

We have no doubt that these fashion considerations will transcend to flight crew too, with antimicrobial materials being hailed as the next step for flight attendant uniforms. With health and hygiene being at the forefront of everyone’s minds ahead of their travels, we expect to see more innovation from the fashion world in 2021 and beyond, bringing an all-new meaning to ‘runway’ fashion.

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