Impact in the Air: Upload a Vax, Give a Vax Campaign Raises $25,000

As the travel industry made its slow return to normalcy, we at App in the Air came to recognize the impact of vaccine requirements on the ability to travel across the globe freely and safely. Moreover, we came to understand the inequalities surrounding access to COVID-19 vaccines and decided to take matters into our own hands.

On November 18, 2021, we introduced our Digital Health Passport feature, which allows users to digitally upload their COVID-19 test results and vaccine cards for a stress-free travel experience ahead of their next trip. Additional features include real-time alerts notifying users of testing requirements by destination, assistance finding and booking lab appointments, access to a personal QR code digital passport that will easily scan for travel requirement approvals in the airport, and much more. Since the launch of our Digital Health Passport feature, we’ve recorded nearly 14,000 vaccine certificate uploads with the help of our document scan technology, in addition to almost 3,000 PCR test uploads on the app.

In partnership with Gavi, we worked together to support global access to COVID-19 vaccines by launching the Upload a Vax, Give a Vax campaign. Established in 2000, Gavi, a global Vaccine Alliance, aims to bring together public and private sectors with the shared goal of saving lives and protecting children’s health against deadly diseases by increasing equitable and sustainable uses of vaccines. As a testament to Gavi’s impact on global vaccine access, the organization has helped to vaccinate 888 million children in the world’s poorest countries, totaling 78% of the world’s children and preventing 15 million future deaths. In addition to its vaccine distribution impact, the organization has provided nearly 230 million in economic benefits for countries over the past two decades.

For each vaccine certificate uploaded to App in the Air between November 18, 2021, and June 30, 2022, we pledged to “give a vax”. Each $10 USD donated provides one vaccine dose to a person in need around the world. Following the launch of the campaign, we’ve raised and donated $25,000 to date, which provides over 2,500 vaccine doses.

As the Upload a Vax, Give a Vax campaign comes to a close, we would like to send sincere thanks to each and every participant for helping to save lives, protecting people’s health, and also, getting us back up in the air.

To learn more about Gavi’s global impact and to access vaccine resources, please visit for additional information.

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