Devon Kelly: “Research your airline before traveling”

Devon Kelly: “Research your airline before traveling”

Here are the true lifehacks from Devon Kelly, the flight attendant.

As a former flight attendant, possibly a future one, and someone who currently works in the airline industry, my tip to travelers (even the pros), is to research your airline before traveling!!! What is the baggage policy? Will my bags be too heavy? What if I need to change my flight?

And if you spend a lot of money on your ticket or travel that airline a lot, be sure to sign up for their frequent flyer program if they have one! It also helps, in addition to having App in the Air, to have the airlines app on your phone!

A lot of times you can have a mobile boarding pass which takes the stress out of keeping track of a paper boarding pass!

In summary, do your research before booking and flying, and take advantage of the perks the airline offers! If you put in the effort, your travel experience will be so much better!

Devon Kelly

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