Dan Duncan, DJ: “No Alcohol Ever On Planes”

Dan Duncan, DJ: “No Alcohol Ever On Planes”

Meet Dan Duncan, the famous techno, tech house and deep house DJ from Pig&Dan. And his travel stories and lifehacks for everyone.

What’s your most amazing flight or travel?

Business class to Japan on ANA for me is always the hardest to beat. Their ability to serve silently on demand is outstanding and the fact they use wooden plates and cutlery. Plus the seats are extremely private compared to many other airlines.

Staff from airlines often forget that they need to be as quite as people who are on long-haul overnights are there to sleep and land ready to work or in my case perform as a DJ. You’ll often hear talking and laughing from the galley and when you mention it they often feel that I was right to mention it as they forget doing this all the time.

What the airline or airport you prefer much more and why?

That’s a really hard question as I do fly an awful lot with different companies and each of them have their good and bad points. I would say as a whole ANA, QATAR and Finnair seem to tick the most boxes on long hauls. I often look out for newer planes like A380, A350 or the Dreamliner because of the fact they’re much more silent and have better air and Cabin pressure systems.

Maybe do you have some incredible situations during your flights?

I’ve had to help restrain a customer on British Airways that was abusing towards staff when he demanded more champagne even though he was waking everyone up and was incredibly drunk. I was rewarded a lot of Avios for the help. Also I’ve witnessed incredibly hard turbulence situations. Even to the extent of the two Stewardesses facing me on a 757 in tears fearing death. I was the lucky one who was on the first flight to go through the hurricane over the Caribbean as all the other flights had been cancelled. The most ridiculous decision ever as that aircraft had lost control constantly and people were violently sick and were suffering panic attacks ect. I was as a very frequent flyer and trained pilot also really very worried.

What is is your own lifehacks for traveling? Do you have some ideas how to make the flight better or interesting?

Well I usually produce records whilst on flights as that’s the most downtime I have. Saying that, the three most important things I carry as travel hacks are an Omnicharge power supply, OneAbove flight tablets and a small Buckwheat pillow which I use on flights and at hotels, this is a must if you want to avoid neck pains.

Also I try to avoid eating on flights, this helps a lot with jetlag and bloating, but I drink loads of water only. NO ALCOHOL EVER on planes!!!

Dan Duncan


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