Brett Sato: “It solidified my hatred in checked baggage”

Brett Sato: “It solidified my hatred in checked baggage”

As far as my experience with the app, I just recently started using it. I’ve been traveling for almost 2.5 years straight so I was interested in all the stats that the app provides. I was curious to see how many times around the world I’ve gone.

Since I started out traveling with only an expandable carryon backpack, I started using various flight apps to see what kind of plane I was about to fly. I started taking note of the overhead bin sizes for various types of planes so that I would know if my bag would fit in the over head or if i would have to plan to pay for checked baggage or not.

For example, I’ve learned that if I fly an Embraer 195 or 190, I would be aware that i could pack my bag to a certain width but not be able to unzip the extendable part. Also if I flew an Embraer 170, I would definitely have to be prepared to check the bag in or try to get away with gate checking the bag. Basically I hate checking in my bag and try to avoid checked baggage. I also had a 12 hour layover in Doha and since Ive never been there, I decided that I was going to explore the city.

However after a lot of research, I learned that there is no luggage storage there so against my will, I ended up checking my bag through. Once at my final destination I discovered that someone went through all of my stuff and stole some cash that I had forgot was in an electronics case.

After that experience, it solidified my hatred in checked baggage. As far as the app, I’ve just been logging in completed flights on this trip. I havent really used it for realtime flight info as of yet but I have some flights coming up soon.

Brett Sato

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