Artem Gavrichenkov: The story of one issue

Artem Gavrichenkov: The story of one issue

Artem Gavrichenkov: The story of one issue

I have business meetings and events all around the world, since January this year I already had more than 50 flights. If the application allows me to save 3 minutes for a flight, it is then more than 2 hours a year in total. In addition, App in the Air allows (well, normally) not to miss flights, it is more convenient to schedule your time with it.

So here’s the story: once I was in Atlanta and needed to go to Paris. I was sitting quietly in the airport lounge at Hartsfield-Jackson when I suddenly realized that the deadline for boarding on an airport screen was different from what was seen in the app, and not just different — it was actually 20 minutes earlier! It turned out the app showed me the departure time as the boarding time. I haven’t ever been so close to the chance to miss my plane. It was terrible. When you are used to trust someone to manage your travel schedule, it means that there shouldn’t be strictly zero issues with that trust, especially if we are talking about the cross-Atlantic flights.

Fortunately, I rushed to the gate and was on board in time. But I was angry and sent a message to the support service, ’cause I was really sure it’s a very serious issue. Apparently, it took some time to find the root of this problem and technical service was working on it about three weeks. And in the end I’ve been told that it was an uncommon issue: the partner showed the runway departure time for this flight in place of the gate departure and that’s why all the values on the Timeline were shifted. Guys from the support team told me that my message helped them to found it and would do their best to avoid such mistakes in the future.

For me, it’s important to know that if I use any service, I could see a team who make it. I.e. if I see an issue, my question would have a response. Surely, all these mobile services are new and they are just being developed to change our lives and our journeys for better and currently we are like a pioneers who just discover the new world of digital travels. It’s a reason why feedback is valuable and important today for both sides of communication.

Artem Gavrichenkov

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