App in the Air Will Help Make You a Ghostbuster

App in the Air Will Help Make You a Ghostbuster
App in the Air Will Help Make You a Ghostbuster in 2022!

The United States is home to some of the world’s most loved cities, and we’ve been helping you visit them with the best flight options at your fingertips. But what about the cities that are more underrated and spookier? With the rise of industry and transportation advancements over the last few centuries, the US has left a handful of towns abandoned, marked only by their paranormal activity.

In celebration of the ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ home movie release on Blu-ray™ and Digital, we’re offering a family the adventure of a lifetime with a special Funbuster Adventure sweepstakes. If you have a bucket list ghost town to visit, we want to help you get there… How? Download App in the Air and enter with your email associated with the app here to win $4000 in app credits to book flights and hotels for your next big adventure.

Even better, we’re offering 20% off with promo code GHOSTBUSTERS for flights to the US’s top ghost towns*. You can pick a haunted location from the list below, book a flight to explore, and earn a special in-app Ghostbusters achievement badge to display on your profile.

You’re already a frequent flyer, become a Ghostbuster in 2022. Here’s our roundup of the top ghost towns in the US:

Calico, California

Once a desolate ghost town and now a top tourist attraction, Calico Ghost Town is a historical landmark home to gold-rush era lore. The nearest airports: PSP, LAX, ONT and BUR.

St. Elmo, Colorado

A town run down by train travel advancements; St. Elmo is one of the US’s most known ghost towns. When train service to Chalk Creek Canyon ended in 1926, the town’s population was decimated with only seven people holding their ground in St. Elmo. The family who ran the general store and hotel were a few of those seven, and the town’s lore says they haunt the area today. That same general store and guest house are still operating, waiting for you to check in. The nearest airports are: ASE, DEN, GUC and PUB.

Rhyolite, Nevada

This former mining community was discovered in the 1900s, catching the attention of Charles Schwab who invested in the region and oversaw the creation of a hospital, opera house, and a stock exchange. The 1907 financial crisis was the downfall of this town, which today serves as top set for many of our famous Western films. The nearest airports are: LAS and BLD.

Virginia City, Montana

Famous frontierswoman Calamity Jane called Virginia City home, an area marked by rough and tumble ways and no justice system. Without the presence of law enforcement, the town became marked by high numbers of crime and more than 100 people were killed by gangs of outlaws between 1863 and 1864. The nearest airports are: BZN, BTM and HLN.

Bodie, California

Abandoned following a series of fires, Bodie is a town near Yosemite that has remained untouched for almost 100 years. Residents fled years ago, leaving everything as is. Visitors to Bodie will find aged dinner tables set, shops stocked with old supplies, and restaurants ready for service. The nearest airports are: RNO, MMH and FAT.

Cahawba, Alabama

A former trade hub, Cahawba was the first state capital for Alabama and became a community for freed slaves after the civil war. In 1900, the town was disastrously flooded, forcing the residents to abandon the area. Today, the ruins of Cahawba are a popular spot for paranormal travelers, who claim to have seen a ghostly orb walking the garden maze of C.C Pegues home. The nearest airports are: MGM, ATL, BHM, MSY amd MEM.

Kennecott, Alaska

A former mining town responsible for more than $200 million worth of copper, Kennecott became desolate after the mine stopped operations. Today, the only thing left standing in the Alaska town is a 14-story mill and a power plant. The nearest airports are: ANC, TKJ and VDZ.

Mystic, South Dakota

Another town isolated by train travel; Mystic was once a Creekside camp known for its coal imports. The town was hit with devastating floods, fires, and the effects of the Great Depression before the end of WWII. Soon after the war, passenger trains stopped service to Mystic and within a few years, the town was abandoned. The nearest airports are: RAP, DEN, FAR and CDR.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

A town that’s been on fire since 1962, Centralia’s bad luck began with a trash fire that spread to the towns aging mines, creating smoke-spewing sinkholes that poisoned the region. The town was evacuated in 1981 and condemned by the state, but six residents still live in Centralia, despite projections that the town will continue to burn for another 250 years. The nearest airports are: MDT, PHL, EWR, BWI, LGA, ACY, JFK, IAD and DCA.

Shaniko, Oregon

Once called the “Wool Capital of the World,” Shaniko was a large shipping hub and a haven for ranchers. The demise of this town came at the hands of changing rail service when a more appealing railroad through Oregon cut Shaniko out of circulation. Just ten years after it was founded, Shaniko became a ghost town. Today, it is one of the country’s most popular ghost towns to visit. The nearest airports are: RDM and PDX.

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