5 Ways to Give Thanks This International Flight Attendant Day

International Flight Attendant Day is celebrated each year on May 31st. This holiday is dedicated to honoring the hard work of flight crew members around the world, and making special efforts to show appreciation for them. Flight attendants not only provide great in-flight service to passengers, but are also remarkable professionals who are highly trained in passenger safety and emergency response.

Here are five ways to give thanks to your flight crew:

1. Hand out gift cards

Gift cards are a safe option that is always appreciated for its generosity and utility. Shane and Erica of @thenowherecouple point out that specifically purchasing gift cards to businesses that are universally accessible at airports is key: “We always try to get them Starbucks gift cards! Useful for almost every airport!”

2. Bring snacks

As much as you appreciate having non-airline food options in-flight, the crew probably does too. Just be careful to only gift securely packaged snacks for safety reasons. Elena Abusabe, who works in the airline industry herself as a ramp agent, flies every chance she gets with her free flights benefit. She recommended “Bring chocolates or snacks. Two batches—one for the flight attendants and one for the pilots.”

3. Deliver hand-written notes

A hand-written note is a tried-and-true way to sincerely express gratitude. Gabriel Cordeiro shared “I like handing out notes that I prepare in advance (with something) to the effect of: Thank you for all your hard work — I see you, I appreciate you, and I look forward to flying with you again.”

4. Show kindness and respect

Going back to the basics, just be kind and respectful to the crew. Jarosław Kaczmaski emphasizes that the little things go a long way: “Share a smile when you leave the plane. On long-haul routes, I chat with them pretty often and get to know them better.”

Julian Battioli, a Spain-based aviation blogger, echoes similar advice. “It’s pretty easy: just don’t be rude… They do their job fantastically. Thank them for their service and job well-done.”

5. Have a donation made on your behalf

This year, you can go the extra mile by simply booking your next flight. App in the Air is honoring flight crew by donating 20% of proceeds (up to $50 per flight booking) to the Association of Flight Attendants, which represents almost 50,000 flight attendants across seventeen different airlines, ensuring that they receive better pay and benefits, and have improved safety conditions on-the-job. Book a flight in the app by June 4, 2022 to automatically have a contribution made on your behalf.

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